Monday is Pyjama Day!

Well today it was… i had alot planned for today! I was going to clean the house, take my little  munchkin for a stroll to the park, do a little food shopping.. i wake up ready to start the day! But i get an unexpected visitor instead, yep, aunt flo came to visit. TWO DAYS EARLY. This bummed me out for a number of reasons. But my biggest reason being that we’re trying for another baby… this will be our third month in a row and every time my period comes around, i feel so hopeless. My day is over. I stayed in my pyjamas all day with a heat pack strapped around my waist, i looked like the walking dead. I did manage to clean the house but i did nothing that required actually putting on clothes to go outside. My poor little girl went stir crazy being locked inside all day and my fiance did his best to reassure me that “it will happen when the time is right”. His encouragement perked me up and i was ready to face the outside world until i looked out the window and it was raining (could this day get any worse?)  yep, my 10 month old kitten decided it would be a good day to attack us all a little bit more ferociously than normal. So I’m covered in scratches that are stinging, while  my hands are in the sink washing a pile of dishes from the night before, while my 2 year old runs around screaming ’cause the cat is snapping at her heels while my darling fiancé is yelling ’cause he’s trying to watch the NBA! (let me catch my breath)… I’m actually laughing at the chaos within my little abode. So my plans didn’t go to plan… but isn’t it said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans? My daughter has now been asleep for close to 3 hours while I’ve raided the biscuit jar of all the scotch fingers. Theres a roof over my head and biscuits in my tummy. There’s a beautiful little toddler asleep in my bed and there’s a hard working man out earning money for us to live this happy life. Of all the uneventful days, today i feel blessed. 👪


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