Terrible twos-day 😝

Today we woke up to the sound of our lawn mower man… He came to our house way too early in the morning. I admire his enthusiasm, but really? I jumped out of bed, ran around like a headless chook to get my dogs locked inside and the back gate open.. it wasn’t the most pleasant way to start the day but anyway… I wish I had something really interesting to say but today was very much the same as yesterday except I got out of my pyjamas maybe half an hour earlier..
My darling daughter decided that today would be a great day to put her terrible twos into action! She quite literally made me want to pull my hair out. Every simple task became unbelievably difficult.  She decided that the coffee table would be her new chair and that picking up the kitten by his neck would be totally acceptable and not at all likely to cause him any breathing difficulties. She had about 20 meltdowns and ate a whole packet of cheese balls  (provided by my darling fiance) I didn’t bother taking the bag off her because I didn’t think I’d be able to handle the ensuing meltdown that would likely come with her beloved cheese balls being taken away. Oh the joys of parenthood. My daughter is feisty and if I’m completely honest, it drives me nuts but I adore this character trait in her too. She is one of the most independent two year olds that I have ever laid eyes on. If she can carry this through to adulthood then she is going to become one very strong woman!
In other news, I joined snap chat today and realized how far behind I am in the world of social media. I had to call my sister to find out what the hell I was meant to do and then when I  figured it out, I had way too much fun with all the filters. It was like I had entered into a whole new world of technology!  I thoroughly annoyed my daughter by making her stick out her tongue so that she could do that funny puppy dog filter. She wasn’t as amazed as I was haha.
I have to sign off. My kitten is walking all over the keyboard. And biting me. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…. ✌🐱



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