Wintery Wednesday 😨

Let me start by saying, swimming lessons in winter should be ILLEGAL. Every Wednesday my daughter has swimming lessons and of course I have to go in with her, for some reason they have been skimping when it comes to the temperature of the heated pool ’cause we quite literally froze our butts off! If you’ve ever been to a baby swimming lesson you know it’s full of songs and actions and smiling and pretending your enjoying yourself… anyway my little miss was having none of it today. She was looking at me like I’d won the worst mother of the year award for making her get in this pool when she could be at home watching cartoons. When the time came to dive under the water, I gave her my biggest, most convincing smile and said “okay, it’s time to go under!” And she replied with a big, fat “nah!!!” And proceeded to cling to and climb me like a chimp up a tree. The teacher gave me a ‘force her to do it’ look and my daughter continued to death stare me, oh man, I put her under the water and she came up screeching like a banshee! I could have strangled the swim instructor. Anyway,  when the lesson was over, I took little miss to the other side of the pool, I swished her this way and that way, I let her jump off the ledge into my arms. She was giggling her head off. My bad situation did a complete 360, thank god!! We left the pools happy but very cold 😨

I really dreaded  going home, there was a pile of dishes waiting there for me.. One of these day’s I am getting a dish washer!! I told my fiance this and he replied with “but we already have one” meaning me 😑 cheeky bugger. So I came home, did housework, played with playdo, made dinner early (my partner does shift work so making dinner at 2.00 is not unusual) and then I decided that I’d chuck little miss in the pram and go to my local shopping center to pick up a few bits and bobs. I’ve decided that I might as well try to lose some weight while I’m not pregnant,  if you didn’t read my first post, we are trying for no.2 but alas we have not succeeded yet. Since before I can even remember,  I have always been on a diet (body issues, who doesn’t have them?). My diets generally last about a week before I’m scoffing biscuits again (damn those scotch fingers!!). So I’ve decided to take up walking, and a little exercise routine I created. One move involves little miss sitting on my shoulders while I do squats. She thoroughly enjoys it,  it’s actually quite painful haha. I’ll keep my blogs updated with my progress!  Would love to hear some success stories or dietary tips! I’m not overweight, I’m just not comfortable with my weight.. If that makes any sense?

Any who,  it’s time for me to call it a night! Rascal was in bed by 8.30 (thank you Lord!) 😊

My quote for today: “they didn’t say it would be easy but they did say it would be worth it” 👌✌



16 thoughts on “Wintery Wednesday 😨

  1. perfectreverie says:

    Hey I just came over here and I love it 🙂 it’s so raw and full of adorable moments! I’m very much enjoying the read! Also would you please say hi to little miss from me? She seems like the most adorable human being ever!
    Happy blogging!

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    • mumofone says:

      Thank you so much. Your feedback is so appreciated and I will definitely let her know that she has gained a fan. I will be heading over to your blog once I’ve given little miss her breakfast! And I will follow you haha 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fernanda Guevara says:

    I simply found your daughter’s response “nah” really adorable in this situation 😂

    For tips, I usually I eat meals high on protein for muscle growth and less “fatty” foods. But when I’m not doing this and trying to loose weight, I usually like drinking water with chia seeds, or drinking green tea for digestion and seem to work well for me.


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