Funeral Friday 💐

Today was emotional. To say the least. I went to my bestfriends fathers funeral. He died about a week ago of a heart attack, it was sudden and unexpected.  He was only 59. It left my bestie heartbroken, and it left me heartbroken for him. I felt alot of guilt. We have been friends since we were 13 years old, we were thick as thieves and yet, i haven’t seen him in the past 5 years.  We kept in contact but life got in the way. We finished highschool, i got a job, he studied, i had a baby… time ran away with us. I should have MADE the time, but i didn’t and i should have been by his side when the news came.

Today was the funeral. It was emotional, raw, sacred. I am so glad I was there for him. He is an Indigenous Australian, so his family is big. They travelled here from all over Australia.  They are so close knit, it was lovely to see. They were mourning, sobbing, grieving. There were cries of “I don’t want to say goodbye” “he can’t be gone”. The grief was so raw. He wasn’t just gone, he was taken and I cried along with them. When it came time to lower the casket, my friend fell to his knees, sobs were shaking his entire body. I came to my knees on the grass with him and just held him. There was no time for dignity, he had been so strong for his family the past week, he couldn’t hold it together anymore. I don’t think he knows that it was me kneeling beside him, he was wrapped in too much grief to look up. I watched him help to shovel the sand onto the coffin, while another man played the didgeridoo. It was beautiful, it was honest. Children threw rose petals and Australian flora into the grave and balloons were let into the sky. It was amazing.  I felt so honoured to be part of it.

Fiance was a blessing, he looked after Little Miss in all her boredom (she took her balloon home). Life is so short. Cherish it. Grab it with both hands.  Stop and smell the flowers. And visit your loved ones. I know i will be from now on. Life is too short but never too busy.


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