Sunday Funday 🐠🐡🐙

Today we took Little Miss to see ‘Finding Dory’! I think I was as excited as she was! We went to a special advanced screening and they had a petting zoo and bouncy castle there! The petting zoo was full of little baby animals,  Little Miss was in her element! There was this tiny piglet, he was so cute, I wanted to put him in my bag and take him home! She had a go on the bouncy castle but it was full of crazy, older kids and she would have gotten squished. So she was out as quick as she got in. This was Little Miss’ first time going to the cinema so I was a little apprehensive! I felt some comfort knowing that half the cinema would be full of toddler’s and I made sure that fiancé was with us! I could not do this one alone. When we got in, I chose seats that were nowhere near the stairs and that had a barrier in front of us instead of seats, Little Miss loves annoying other people. This was a good parenting decision! Winning 😁 The movie began and she was surprisingly well behaved. I was so proud of her. About three quarters of the way through, she got a bit restless from staying in one spot for so long but I gave her a biscuit and she was content to watch the rest of the movie. I’m so glad that it was so enjoyable for all of us. I loved the movie, it was so funny and full of heartfelt moments. There was a lot of morals in it too such as, self acceptance, trust, following your instincts and never giving up. It was really a great movie and perfect for my Nemo obsessed child! I saw a girl that I went to high school with there with her daughter. She’s one of those people who I have tried to catch up with but she always bails on me. I’m more understanding of this since becoming a Mum!  Sometimes it is so hard to even have a shower, let alone leave the house.  Parenthood has changed me for the better in that aspect of life, I have more understanding for people.
Afterwards,  we took Little Miss to visit her Nana.  We got lunch from our local burmese gourmet shop (pork and fish curry with vegetable biriyani) yummmm! She loves visiting her Nana! Unfortunately Nana is at an age now where she has a lot of problems. She has very bad athritis and her stomach is too sensitive, she finds it hard to eat. She’s a skinny little lady. She told me and fiancé today that she wishes she would just die and that she doesn’t know why God makes people live that way, why not take people before they’re at an age where they suffer? I felt so bad for her. It broke my heart. I think she feels that now she is simply existing with a lot of pain. It makes me so sad.

So I will leave with this quote “The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important” ~Martin Luther King, JR.

Below: a photo of Little Miss and her new friend Piglet 🐷:)



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday 🐠🐡🐙

  1. Thea says:

    I was thinking of you today and how you were. It’s nice to know that Little Miss had fun and you guys enjoyed the time you spent together. Also, Little Miss looks really cute with her friend piglet lol 🙂
    I will pray for her nana. Hope she feels better. xxx


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