Thirsty Thursday

Currently sitting in the car, being driven around by fiancé while we try to find a dealership to buy our car. Basically we want to reduce our debt so we are selling the car to pay off a loan. In the long run it will be beneficial,  but right now it’s tedious.  So tedious and so tiring.  Little Miss is asleep in the backseat, how I wish i was doing the same. Little Miss went to bed at 1am last night!  1am!! Why does she do this to me! Fiancé is talking to a man right now,  I’m drinking a blueberry frozen Fanta from McDonald’s.God i needed this, i was getting so parched! Is anyone else having a boring ass day? On another, good note!  We went to swimming lessons yesterday and Little Miss was being an absolute terror cause she didn’t want me to hold her, she wanted to swim by herself!  It worked in our favour though because she’s been put into another class where she will gain more independence and then the level above that, I won’t have to go in the water with her anymore! Life will be so much easier when she’s swimming without me. I’m a bit sick of freezing my butt off while I try to get her warm when we get out of the pool. Yesterday I felt a bit sick so I’m hoping I’m pregnant.  Everyday I’m hoping I’m pregnant.  I don’t know how to chill out about it.  I’m so stressed and that means I have a shit tonne of pimples all over my face and ulcers in my mouth. Damn anxiety plagues me. It doesn’t help that fiancé is in a neverending bad mood because he’s quitting smoking.  I’m proud as hell of him, but he’s driving me up the wall! Wow, my own complaining is driving me bonkers! I think I’d better go before ya’ll  start thinking I’m a whinger! Let me know how your day went ☺ better than mine i hope. If you have any remedies for pimples, let me know also!


9 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. Thea says:

    You might have a sensitive skin but give this some try. I have sensitive skin as well so.. yeah. But yours could be more sensitive so I don’t know. lol. But what worked for me was mixing some apple cider vinegar with water and I put it on my pimple or my face. It smells strongly of vinegar and it’s not a pleasant smell 😦 But it really worked for me! 🙂


    • mumofone says:

      I am so sorry, I only just saw your comment! I will give that a go, if it’s natural and it works then it’s a winner! Thank you for the advice. My skin is sensitive and a combination of oily and dry, so annoying! X

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      • Thea says:

        oh my gosh! same with me! Sometimes I have really dry skin then the next thing I know, my skin is so oily. Urghhh! However, I don’t recommend using the apple cider + water on a daily basis. Aside from it really stinks, it could make your skin dry. Probably try at least every other night. 😀


  2. Accidentally Single says:

    I would like to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award. The rules are listed on my blog. I hope that you accept.


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