Am I….?

I’ve been really slack lately with my blog. Slack, lazy, busy, tired… but tonight I needed to write this down because a range of emotions are going through my head right now. Anyone who has read my blog will know that I am desperately trying to fall pregnant. Well today at our playgroup excursion,  one of the ladies who has been trying for a baby for a very long time, announced that she was finally pregnant! With a girl!  I was so happy for her, genuinely so happy. It also made me want to be pregnant even more. Well, tonight after dinner, on a whim, I did a pregnancy test. After I peed on the stick, no line came up. Feeling disheartened, I put it on the table and walked away… When I came back however, there was a very faint line staring back at me. Now I’m talking VERY faint. But definitely there. I didn’t know how to feel. Was the test wrong? Is it a false positive? Why is the line so faint? Am I actually pregnant? I took a photo of it and sent it to fiancé who is at work and he’s determined to find a 24hr chemist and buy me another one so that I can test again tomorrow morning. I’m so pumped. I’m filled with anxiety, I’m so afraid of being disappointed again! I’m afraid to get my hopes up. I’m going to be tossing and turning all night about it. I do have some pregnancy symptoms but they could be normal female hormones as well. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out! Please pray for me! X




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