Bedtime? What’s bedtime?

Yup, we’re still awake! It’s my fault actually, I fell asleep with little Miss today and we only woke up at 6pm, I’m estimating that we won’t be in bed until at least midnight, which sucks because I have a playgroup meeting tomorrow at 9.30am! What is it with Mums and wanting to do things so early in the morning?  I feel like I am the only Mum who sleeps in with her kid. We are both definitely NOT morning people. I thought that will Little Miss being born in 2014 we would luckily skip the hype of the movie ‘Frozen’ but apparently not, since she turned two she has jumped on the bandwagon and I’m sure I’ve watched the movie at least 30 times, watching it right now actually,  make that 31. Looking over at Little Miss and she still looks wide awake, it’s 10:45pm in Australia. This is gonna be a long night 😑 pregnancy is going well! So far, no symptoms except slight exhaustion and sensitive boobies. But I’m putting the tiredness down to being the Mum of a 2 year old. I told my Mum over skype (she works in thailand) and she was over the moon! Also told fiancés parents and they were equally as happy!  I’m keeping everyone else in the dark until I am at least 12 weeks and my chance of miscarriage is alot less. Fiancé keeps telling me off for over exerting myself ie: going balistic with keeping the house clean. I can’t help it, i hate a messy house. My mum has also told me to limit how much I pick up Little Miss,  this is actually not possible, she is the clingiest little person. Anyone have any suggestions or advice? Well, I’d better go and pay my child some attention. Have a blessed night (or day) everyone!


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